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6r15 vs eta 2824-2

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6r15 vs eta 2824-2


Specification of eta2824-2


Diameter: 25.3mm

Thickness: 4.6mm

Power reserve: 38 hours

Jewels: 25J

Frequency: 28,800, bi-directional winding


6R adds on hand winding and hacking function compared with 2824, but canceled quick-set date


Both two movements are powered by very high winding efficiency, but personally think 6R is fitted with a more advanced mechanism and very durable. 


6R is an updated version of 7S, so stability is surely good, can’t lose to 2824, but speaking from the decoration of movement bridges, 6R is indeed lack of some aesthetic, materials used of these two are in a draw, but speaking from the balance alone, 2824 adopts higher level material, but shock absorber of 6R is slightly durable than 2824, as for movement thickness, can’t be regarded as a factor to determine a movement is good or not, so here I’ll escape this.


Seiko magic lever winding is higher efficiency than the reverse wheel of 2824, Seiko 8L and 9S both using the same winding mechanism as 6R


From the hairspring material 


Standard 2824 is fine, personally feel 6R is more sturdy


But one feature of 2824 is more superior: cause frequency of 2824 is higher so second hand runs more smoothly, not like low frequency watches, runs slowly and feels like it will runs out of energy at any time.


In this aspect, I will give this vote to eta, it runs quietly and smoothly, but due to the reason of more gearings are used, it speeds up wear of these gearing and requires oiling in a certain period, or if any rust occurred of the wheel, then the movement is dead


Seiko’s patent


An obvious advantage of this patent technology is that, simply depending on a single wheel and the cooperation of the magic lever, it will achieve bi-directional winding, more straight forward and convenient to maintain

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thanks for the post, much appreciated,

accuracy and stability of these two movement are equally the same! but price of watches with eta 2824-2 movement is way higher than watches with 6R movement

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