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Where are you on the collecting spectrum?

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This thread is supposed to be light-hearted and fun. Don't be that guy, ok?

DocVail's KS discussion got me thinking so let me start this out by describing where I am...

I starting collecting a couple of months ago. Total newb. Didn't know **** from Shinola, just liking the 'idea' of watches. Moved quickly into the "These are soooo cool, BUY ALL THE THINGS". Being the frugal (tightwad?) that I naturally am, I bought a bunch of junk watches just to have them. I didn't know what I liked and thought that was a good way to get a feel for different styles. Worked for me... I get a kick out of these things.

Now that I see my tastes refining, my list of wants and do-not-wants changing, I am starting to lust after a few 'quality' watches, though I doubt I will ever be a serious collector. Hell, half the real value of of my 'collection' is in two affordable watches.


So, now you know. I like cheap watches.

Other types I see:

The "I am new, and very tentative, shop for me!"

The "I am new, but don't want to seem cheap, so I will start at a grand while making sure to talk about future Rolexes."

The "I have been doing this for a while, and won't even consider a watch that is not at least $$"

The "I am an old hand, know exactly what I want, and will save until I get it."

The "I have champagne tastes and a beer budget, and I don't give a damn."

The "I have beer tastes and a champagne budget, deal with it."

The "I have champagne tastes, know everything about everything and only hang out in affordables to mock the peasants."

I am sure there are a hundred more..

Where you are on the collecting spectrum? Do you fit a category above or do you carve your own path? Sum up your spot on the food chain!

And for heavens sake folks, have fun with it. No whining allowed!

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I used to be a seiko fan, but lately I have something with affordable swiss ( tissot, hamilton). I sold all my seikos to buy a tissot auto, but at the end went with a prc516 and a seiko sumo( a mini grail for me). Also restored a pr100 quartz. I guess that' s the way i am going now, swiss and quartz. No thread without pics






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I like beer, lol.

I admit I prefer mechanical over quartz for the 'usual' reasons all WIS know about and like all kinds of watch designs except skeletons or fancy over-decorated dials which I find annoying. I like simple classic designs like my Tag Carrera GMT, Divers like some of my Seikos. Right now I'm thinking of adding fun watches too with a bit of colour. The TagHeuer is probably the highest I will go in terms of price and branding because IMO the rule of diminishing marginal returns kicks in hard at around USD 2k-2.5k for a basic 3 hander or GMT/Diver. I don't go for chronos much but may consider a Casio Edifice as I've seen some nice ones. I like variety and the only way to get it is to go (reasonably) affordable, had enough of the mainsteam brands and looking at microbrands lately like Lew and Huey or Halios.

Budget is all about how much we are willing to allocate to our selfish/stupid/silly habit of aquiring even more unecessary male jewelry when there are other more important things we should worry about.


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I'm in the "Too impatient to save up, but too snobby to buy lots of affordables" camp. So I save up as much as possible and buy interesting affordables infrequently as a "release valve" until I've saved up for a Speedmaster.


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Your experience is very similar to mine. I too am a cheap bas*#<~d! I am a little further along, I have been collecting for close to two years, I discovered this place about a year ago. I began by buying a bunch of cheap crap. I thought, man how cool I could get a nice vintage watch for $25! But my tastes have evolved and I have settled into a whole 70's style, cushion cased chrono thing.

I am more thoughtful about my purchases now. My average purchase has slowing risen from under $100 to about $300. My collection has grown to about 60 watches. I have set a limit on that number and the existing value of my collection. So if I want watch that costs $500, I need to sell $500 worth from my collection. Seems to have worked well. I have slowly been buying more expensive watches on my wish list, like these





But I still can't resist ones like these recent cheap additions




In the end, I am selling more, trying to unload ones I just don't wear. I am planning on adding some higher end watches I have lusted after for a while (Rado D Star 200, Rado Original Diver, Sinn 140/142, Hamilton Pan Europ Blue, etc).

I would like to own a Rolex one day, but really have a hard time justifying the multiple you pay just for the name. It would have to be a REALLY good deal. I work very hard to get a very good deal on any purchase and I rarely purchase new. I shoot for getting a second hand watch for about half the cost of a market price new model. I also love vintage 70's watches which are usually a bargain in the $200-$300 range.

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