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Looking for a watch for my mother, but she is very picky & there are a lot of strict requirements...

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Hey everyone,

First of all, just wanted to note how helpful this community is! Although I haven't ordered my watch yet, you guys helped me find something that I was looking for and I was wondering if you guys would do the same again.

I would like to purchase a watch for my mother, however, she tends to be really picky. Would you be willing to post your suggestions?

I would like to note that she is a nurse; and this is the largest reason as to why she is picky, but here are the preferences or requirements:

I'm willing to spend up to $300 dollars.MUST be an analog watch. My mother dislikes digital and will not wear digital watches, ever for some reason.It must be SIMPLE. She does not like "flashy" watches with extra features such as chronographs.The watch face must be white. It's a personal preference of hers.The watch face must also be clearly numbered and easy to read, no minimalism.It MUST have both a 12 and 24 hour dial.It has to be either pure stainless steel, plastic, or titanium. She is allergic to some metals, although I'm unsure of the details for her allergies.It must have a water resistance of at least 100 m. The more the better, because she is constantly washing her hands.It must have at least 2 hands. Not a requirement, but she really loves watches with expansion bands.[/ol]

I apologize for the extreme specificity, which probably may deter you from wanting to give suggestions.

This is the watch she used to have and she loved this: https://www.prestigemedical.com/Prod....aspx?sku=1631

Here is a link to her current watch: Amazon.com: Prestige Medical Nurse White Scrub Watch: Health & Personal Care

She doesn't like this one as much as the first option.

I just want to get her something that is higher quality, more durable, yet still functional and reliable. Do you have any suggestions?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Thank you everyone for the suggestions thus far! Just wanted to add a couple more of her preferences:

- The watch should also ideally NOT have a date, she prefers watches for just the time, and time only.

- She does not like bigger watches at all. 30-32 mm would be a good size for her.

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The magic Google search term is "white dial field watch (women's)"

See if this Wenger floats her boat? Wenger Ladies Classic Field Watch - Stainless Case - White Dial - Leather Strap 72820

Add a $20 expansion band and you're done.

If you're looking at Momentum, the M1 Twist (add expansion band) meets all the requirements but does so in a very different package than she might have had in mind. Still it might be worth passing by her.


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Victorinox would be a solid option, tough, higher in quality than some mentioned and well within budget. Do browse, as they have made quite a number of ladies' watches that would fit the bill. Here's one of them, ref. 241366. Sapphire crystal, some lume and applied markers.


Straps are cheap and easy to change.


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Pulsar PXN021 "Railroad Approved" watch is $67.49 at Amazon. It comes with a genuine Speidel Twist-O-Flex band à la 1954.

Pulsar Men's PXN021 Watch | Amazon.com


Dial color is not pure white but ivory, because it is a LumiBrite dial.


It is Seiko LumiBrite (Pulsar being one of Seiko's cheap brands) and you can read it in the dark for a long time.

It is 35 mm wide (38 mm with crown), 8 mm thick, 18 mm lug width, 40 mm lug-to-lug. The battery lasts two years. It has a screw-down crown and 100 M water resistance. The case is 316L stainless steel. It is extremely sturdy, well made and a great watch, and about as fashionable as an I Like Ike button.



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There is also Pulsar PJ6007, $52.36 at Amazon.

Pulsar Men's PJ6007 Dress Watch | Amazon.com


Thanks to whatmeworry for the photograph.

Similar to Pulsar PXN021 with a white dial and conventional lume, 100 M water resistance and the crown does not screw down. You would need to replace the bracelet. Any jeweler who sells inexpensive watches will sell and install a Twist-O-Flex band for about $15.


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