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$2,000; 4 Watches

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If you were starting from scratch and could spend $2k on a 4 watch collection what would you get?


1. You can not have two watches from the same manufacturer

2. You must be able to purchase all of them new for no more than $2,000 USD.

3. You must choose a watch that fit into the following categories: Everyday, Diver, Dress, wild card (you choose the 4th category, I am going with a Pilot)

I've spent a lot of time thinking about this and would acquire the following:

1. Everyday/versatile - Certina DS-1 w/ leather strap - $580

This watch is new to my wish list after recently seeing it here in the Affordable Forum. At first I wasnt in love with it, but something about it wouldnt let me forget about it. My appreciation for it grew and I now view it as a must have. The previous watch in this category was a CW Harrison.


2. Diver - CW C60 Trident Black Bezel w/ bracelet - $635


3. Dress - Orient Bambino - $180


4. Pilot - Seinhart Nav b-Uhr - $400


Total Cost = $1,795 (not including shipping)

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Great list, I love the balance. My only change up might be the Trident with the Orange bezel for little punch of color. Or a Blue or green leather strap on the Pilot. Heck, in that regard you could get 5 or 6 different straps for the aviator and swap them for fun.


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I made it with $120 for dinner.

Everyday: Obris Morgan Branco (Very versatile) $240


Diver: Steinhart "OVM" (Just a great look) $400


Dress: Hamilton Intra-matic (Classic design) $620


Aviation: Christopher Ward C11 MSL MK1 (I find the attention to detail amazing at this price) $620



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Hmmm,not sure about the price of these pieces..but my list will be:

Obris Morgan Branco - everyday (250ish)

Magrette Regattare (maybe brass or bronze for different color) - diver (around 400 for bronze)

Seiko Alpinist/Orient Bambino - dressy (at least I think alpinist is dressy enough) (not sure about alpinist's price/180)

Casio GW A1030/GW 9300/9330 - digital beater (600/300/350)

Several straps for the branco and magrette..


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