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Got my first Sinn: 903 ST.HD

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Update: Various online resources list this model as 903 ST.GL. According to Sinn they do not have a model with this reference. The correct reference is 903 ST.HD so I have corrected this post.

Let me introduce my new acquisition. The Sinn 903 ST.HD with Lemania 1873 hand-wound movement.

I've been looking at Sinn for a while now after finding out about them on this forum. I like their designs and technology. I was planning for my first Sinn to be a U1 or a 103 (I love chrono's!). Then I saw this 903 ST.HD on an auction site. I saw bids were low and thought "what the hell" so put in a bid and won it for way less than market value. It wasn't a watch that I was really interested in and thought I could always flip it for a nice profit if I don't like it. I must say, while watching the auction over several days and reading up on the 903 in the interim, I have really grown to like it. In person it is stunning. Probably my most interesting looking watch.

The Sinn 903 has an identical dial to the Breitling Navitimer and you can read the story behind it here. The ST.HD has the Lemania 1873 hand-wound movement. A legendary movement better known as the Omega Cal 861 of NASA and Moonwatch fame. I like that my watch is hand-wound rather than the later Valjoux 7750 automatic based versions (which will undoubtedly be very thick!). I have no idea how old this watch is but I have read that they stopped producing this model around 2000. Anyone know how where to find a register of serial nos?

The watch was running at +11spd when I got it and I had it regulated to about +3spd. Amplitude is strong so the movement looks to be in good condition.

I think I'll be keeping this one (I'm not a flipper at heart)





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