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Sinn 566 I (No Numbers Version) or 856 (Non UTC) - Are the additional features worth it?

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I'm torn between the Sinn 556 (No Numbers Version) or the Sinn 856 (Non UTC) both on Bracelet. Personally I prefer the simple plain dial of the 556. Is sacrificing the style I like more worth the additional features of the 856 (listed below).


856 Additional Features (in



Case made of stainless steel, bead-blasted

Case made with TEGIMENT Technology and therefore especially scratch-resistant

Ar-Dehumidifying Technology enhances functional reliability and freedom from fogging

Magnetic Field Protection up to 80,000 A/m

Nickel-free case back

Sapphire crystal glassPressure resistant to 20 bar (= 200 m water depth)Low pressure resistant Sinn 556


Sinn 856 (Non UTC)


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The Sinn 856 (non UTC) uses the higher end ETA2892-A2 movement while the 556 uses the ETA2824-2 movement. You might want to take into account of that as well. Personally I like the Sinn 856 (non UTC) but I wish the date is not slanted as in the original Sinn 656.


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For me the deciding factor is readability. I think the 556 has a cleaner

appearance. However, in low light conditions the dial has no "up"

indicator, making it more difficult to read the time. The 856 has the

large illuminated numbers that orient the dial. The 856 case is 1.5 mm

larger, which all shows up in the dial size. I think that is not a big deal,

but a larger dial is easier for the eye to find. The 556 has a glossy dial,

which might reduce contrast in some lighting conditions, while the 856

has a flat black dial.

I think the 856 Tegimented, matte finish case resists marring better than

the shiny finish on the unhardened 556 case.

I suggest getting the watch with the most appeal, but those considerations

affect my decision.




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Tough call. Wish Sinn still made the 656.

I'd say 556 if you need a watch that can be pressed into service for more formal occasions. The 856 (non-UTC) is a better watch for a sportier style.


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If you're okay with the smaller 38.5mm case of the 556, then I'd go that way. The brushed case is a bit dressier looking than the 856's matte case.

I don't care for the slanted date of the 856 myself.


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