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Panerai entry-level models

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Guest mysrr

Speaking of entry-level models, firstly I have to shed my humble lights on it, for me models that most people prefer to spend money on then it is the so called entry-level models, however for the ones hard to get or the price have been hyped straightly up by market tactics, like 292j, 292. Though there is no big difference on specifications, still can’t be regarded as entry models.


Certainly, for people with abundant cash to squander, there is no such thing of boundary as the entry models, only if you have cash in hand and willing to spend it on watches, then no problem at all.


Average individuals will take the models under $8,000 dollars into the consideration as entry-level models, including 000, 005, 111, 112, 113, 114, 183, 104, 176, 177, 210, 24, 25, 48, 49, 164, 219, 287, 292 without pig and the same as 312 just a little bit of expensive.


Most people are fascinated simply by Panerai's appearance in first place, or just the impulsive to buy a sporty sizable watch. But if only for the looks, the budget by no means can set such high like in Panerai price tag, plus it's a brand barely offering discount, so really hard to find out such models. Without truly stepped into the panerai world, most watch fans will raise emotions of both love and hostility to panerai at same time. But once you have made up your mind and set the budget at an appropriate price level, then the watch listed above just like the turtle in a jar, pick whatever you like accordlingly.


Actually, there are two main categories of panerai watches we usually talk about, the luminor and radiomir, maybe I will try another way more understandable, watch with or without Crown Bridge.


Some like watch without crown bridge then the list is limited, with left only by 183, 210, 287 and 292

For more detailed, automatic watch is only having 287, and ceramic watch is just the 292

Wanna entry-level panerai watch with good masculinity will naturally focus on the luminor series

For detailed, two categories can be concluded as well the automatic and manually winding system watches

Hand winding ones will leave behind the 000, 005, 111, 112, 113, 114, 176, 177, 219, while 219 is left hand, 176 and 177 are titanium case, 113, 114 have white dial, 000, 005 having logo on dial.


The automatic ones: 104, 24, 25, 48, 49, 164, 312, also submersible series with more wild and bold style is among these, like 24, 25, and 312 model is the only one with 1950 case and self-made 3 day power reserve movement


So if you pick the watch according to the sum up above, it’s just a piece of cake to make your decision.


Some love to buy watches based on functions, this is assuredly no issues, the problem is how important the function matters for you. My opinion somehow is the simpler the better, “3,6,9,12” tends to get my preference than any other additional functions. Balance and simplicity can better get my eyeball focused, whatever the case actually is not a big deal, anything but the 40mm radiomir, 44mm luminor or 1950 case, others are pretty much ideal. According to this standard, we have now the shortlist, 000, 112, 219 and 210.


By recalling my story, I have eventually chosen 112 between 176 and 112, no regret so far, but if I have the chance to start over, then the option should be 000. At that time, the sausage dial and see-through case back was spectacular for me and logo was not good looking enough, but now seems my taste have changed a bit after seeing the prev 5218-201A and found it being a trace of age, 000 is an embodiment, price relatively friendly and with original sense.




As for 112, a very good model, my first love, even unforgettable so far, with simplest dial along with sausage dial and transparent caseback


176 is the titanium edition of 112, looks more understated and retro, big case yet feels rather light on wrist





219 is the left hand version of 112, with a considerable higher price, looks normal yet the fact is opposite way, being the only one left hand model among all these Panerai watches




210 is the only 45mm pam among all four two-hand models, and much cheaper than other three. The left 47mm pam are the special edition of panerai, they are 21, 232, 249, are the replication of original 3646, the perfect presentation of pam DNA.





114 is also the two-hand model, white dial is special and full of personality


All above are two-hand manually winding watches, with an eta 6497 movement in case.


Small second hand is quite prevalent for entry-level collectors, easy to figure out why: 1) more accurate in psychology 2) dynamic of the dial 3) much noticeable whether the watch is running or not. For entry-level owners, this kind of watch is safer and more reliable, so the reason of prevalence of small second watch is obvious.


111 can be regarded as the most basic entry-level models, small second sudial, transparent caseback, no date, is exactly the sample of modern panerais.




177 is the titanium edition of 111, very classic




104 is the automatic version with date display of pam111.




164 is the variation of 104, just a different dial




114 is the white dial version




Pam48 is the 40mm version of 104, 49 is the white version of 48, 50 however is the steel bracelet version of 48


The radiomir


183 is the radiomir version of 111




287 is the automatic version with date of 183




292 is the ceramic case version of 183




Thus, from the design, the variation is quite small, just the slight transformation of function and production difference


So still the saying, if the function and demand have been ascertained, then the model is easy to decide.


For me personally as I said above will surely go for the basics, the small second watch, Ill choose 005, 111, 177, no need any other complications. Logo of 005 is quite charming, also 292 is a nice choice, for the pig, it doesn’t matter at all for me, black ceramic case of 292 is truly the point.




As for the entry for sub, 24 and 25 are both my preference






Later release by 2009 the 312 is also a good start for entry collectors, with convenient functions (automatic, date and 3 days power reserve), sausage dial, transparent caseback and 44mm 1950 case, is quite good looking and a workhorse piece, consensus with the saying “only pieces using self-made movement is called watches” though I don’t agree with that.




Maybe 312 is another variation of pam111, the later coming out models like 351, 359 due to using the self-made movement, price is way too high.

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