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Should I complain to Omega?

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Just wondering if anybody has ever complained to Omega about a fault with there watch?

I have just come back from holidaying in Mexico where I bought a PLANET OCEAN 600 M OMEGA CO-AXIAL CHRONOGRAPH 45.5 MM from the OMEGA Boutique La Boutique Palacio at Fashion Harbour La Isla, Blvd.

This was bought on Saturday the 27th December. I only wore it on the Saturday night, then again on the Sunday night. On the monday night while in a restaurant I noticed that the bottom chronograph pusher was sticking out unusually far. I took my watch off to investigate and to my horror could pull the pusher right out of the watch as it had become detached!!! I had never even pressed this button since owning the watch as the shop set the time and date!!

This was not what I was expecting from a 3 day old Omega watch. I was flying home the next day so didn't have chance to go back to the shop so I have had to take it to my local dealer to send back to Omega.

I'm not one to usually complain but I'm really annoyed at the moment that I spend all that money on a watch and it breaks within a couple of days.

Do you think I have reson to complain?

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First let me extend my horror and support...

I hate hearing stories like this...

That new watch should bring nothing but positive energies...

The Good news is that everything should be covered under your warranty...

As for complaining...all depends on what you hope to accomplish...

If your goal is having your watch repaired... It will be done anyway...

If you're hoping to get an apology... You may get one... But it may be an unsatisfying form letter response..

Or you may get some Omega swag for your trouble... A pen, a letter opener...

If you hope to have Stephen Urquhart come to your house and beg forgiveness, you may be disappointed ...

So is it worth your effort to complain?

Only you can answer that...

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You have a reason to complain, but unless you just want to do it to make yourself feel better, it won't matter. Just send the thing in to be repaired, and it will be returned better-than-new.

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