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Speedmaster Automatic 3510.50

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Hi all,

Looking for some experienced opinions of what seems to be an awful lot of "pre owned" Speedmaster "Reduced" automatics on Ebay lately. I am looking to pick one up but am starting to wonder how some of these Ebay sellers in Japan just keep putting them on as fast as the prior ones sell. Here are some links. Many of these sellers have two and three on at a time week in and week out. Would like to get your thoughts on whether these are authentic or not.

Thanks so much!




1979 Rolex 5513 MKIII "Lollipop"

Rolex Explorer 1

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Just received a triple date speedmaster from Sabashioyakiz1 ( same seller as your 2nd link) and item was as described. Item was shipped a day after I paid. As long as you pay thru paypal, you are protected from authencity/non delivery issues.

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The reason the market stays flooded with the Reduced Speedmaster models is that those who buy them soon realize their mistake.

Most who buy this model do so because they believe the Speedmaster Professional is too large for their wrist or feel that they need an automatic. Unbeknown to them, the Reduced models are expensive to maintain. (It's sometimes cheaper to buy another than to repair or replace one.) Plus the Professional model actually wears more comfortably on a small wrist than the reduced.

Thankfully, Omega has seen fit to discontinue the Reduced line. That should save many from the mistake of buying a new one.

If you must have one, get a pre-owned from our trusted eBay sellers:jmryshi


kaberuiAt least the depreciation hit will not be so bad when you sell it later.

Fr. John

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