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"Sand" GA100SD bezel swap

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I've been looking at the GA100 since it came out a few years ago and never like the colors of any of them. :(

I almost bought a yellow "bumble bee" one and did a bezel swap on it (I hate the negative displays as they are a pain to read in direct sunlight) but I decided against it as it was too much yellow on a black bezel and band, and it had the negative display on it. :(

Then the GA100SD-8A "Sand" series came along. :)


A simple enough mod, all was needed was a spare black regular GA100 bezel and band off of ebay -


.........and bang, problem solved. :)


Looks like it should have from day one and I love it. :)

I'm still not 100% fan of the layout and still don't like the lack of EL or the way the hands eventually work themselves over the digital displays, but it works. I'll just make sure I wear it more in the day time than my other G-shocks or watches. :)

I may also send it out and have the hands lumed also, as the little hour indicators ARE lumed (which I did not know before hand and am glad to see :)) and would be a nicer touch than the LED light in my opinion.

Plus I know have a spare sand colored bezel and band I'll probably try and sell to recoup some of my $$ for this project too. :)

Thanks -

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PS - I am selling my original new sand colored bezel and strap in the sales part of the forum maked books, parts, tools and accessories if anyone is interested. Just click on my posts on my name for the link to it - thanks. :)


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