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Fair Market Value For Vintage Parts.

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The purpose of this thread is not valuation of parts i am selling but is intended to discus the pricing sometimes seen with vintage parts...

I am in the process of searching for vintage parts for a 1967 Meters first 5513 that I have... in my search for era correct parts I have found reasonable prices and prices that are just plain absurd... I am not complaining at all here, I know that true OEM vintage parts are hard to find and command a higher price. but some of this stuff is complete junk in my opinion...

i am collector of many Vintage Heirloom-esque type of things including vintage electric guitars. and I know the value of vintage original....

take this bezel insert for example...


No offense to the seller but why would anyone pay $700 for this... its cracked at the pearl slot and chipped by the 30 pretty bad... for a bezel of this era in new condition a fair price in my opinion is $300-$400 Am I missing something here that I Should be realizing when i am sourcing my vintage parts... why does something like this command such a high price..

or like this bezel at $1200 seems high?


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Your comments that the prices are all over the place is indeed correct.

We need to do our homework and never buy the first piece that shows up on eBay....

At least the internet gives us multiple options on who/where to buy our vintage parts.

My last 5513 crown came from Miami and the case tube is coming in from Croatia....

Great hobby, huh??



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