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Thanks for the tips on restoring a brush finish!

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This a great forum. I did a search on how to refinish the brushed part of a stainless band, and how to polish a mirror finish on the bezel on my TAG.

Read though a bunch of posts from the forum members. Turns out I had almost everything in my workshop I needed. Had my wife pick up a scotch brite pad at the grocery store. I already had Mothers Aluminum Mag Polish, a buffing wheel, and several different grades of jewelers rouge.

The TAG is my everday, cut the grass, ride my bike, wear while working around the property watch. Over the years the stainless band, and the polished bezel got really beat up.

Started with the scotch brite pad. Carefully ran it along the band in one direction until all of the major scratches were blended in. I did not want to be too aggresive, so I it used very little pressure, and it took about twenty minutes.

Put some of the Mothers Mag Polish on a clean rag and again, gently ran it in one direction until I had the finish I was looking for. I could have done less, if I wanted a more heavily brushed finish, or I could have kept polishing if I had wanted a more polished finish. I think I got it back to as close to original as possible.

Then I turned on my buffing wheel with a clean soft pad attached. Ran the jewelers rouge against the pad until the pad was the color of the rouge. Started with a red rouge. Got a pretty good polish on the bezel with that. Switched to another clean pad and did the same thing with a white rouge. The bezel finish is near mirror. Cleaned the whole watch with soap and water.

It looks awesome. Thanks to everyone who made these great suggestions.



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