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Rolex within ~ Panerai without

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Attached are some pictures of a watch that was endorsed as the official supplier to the Royal Italian Navy. Founded by Giovanni Panerai in the late 1800s, and famous for its Radiomir & Luminor watches.

These cases and movements were supplied to Panerai by Rolex.

I understand that this style was known for its support to the Italian commando/frogmen and that this model remained low key until the actor, Sylvester Stallone, began to promote it.

You will notice that, unlike its predecessor, this case has solid lugs verses the wire lug configuration; a response to the military's need for more stability in their cases.

At the time these pictures were taken, I had decided to start taking pictures of various watches that came to my bench. As you will see, I was using a cut out portion of a milk jug with the hope of diffusing the light, however,dont let that distract you. LOL

BTW; one of the nicest, aged dials that I've seen.

Regards, Bob Ridley

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Interesting piece.

We had a question here just the other day about putting a Rolex movement into other cases..

There is almost always something here for everybody to learn from.....



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