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running fast

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No. Five seconds per day variation is fine for any auto (or I should say mechanical) watch. I would personally live with + or - up to 10 seconds per day and not be put out by it. If the variation starts to change or gets really uneven or erratic, then yeah it might be cause for concern...


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If you are fairly inactive, that might cause it. Most autos/manuals speed up as they reach the end of their power reserve.

The fast rate might be due to positional variations.

I believe your watch was assessed in 6 positions (it sits in each position for ~30 sec and then a ~30 sec measurement occurs): face up, face down, 3 up, 6 up, 9 up, and 12 up. JLC is concerned with the mean (average) rate and the maximum rate minus the minimum rate (called DELTA). If your watch is usually held in a faster position when you're wearing it, you would experience a slightly fast watch. For example, if JLC measures:


Face up 0 s/d (perfect)

Face Down 0 s/d (perfect)

9 up +6 s/d

3 up +3 s/d

12 up +2 s/d

6 up +1 s/d

Then, the mean is +2 sec/day and the DELTA is 6 sec/day. So, while the daily mean is recorded by JLC as +2 sec/day, if you mostly stand with your hands down, your watch would usually be in the 9 up position and run at +6sec/day.


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