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Latest arrival JLC NSA ......

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Long awaited .finally here.and its Mega cool


Initial impressions:

* OMG.this thing is one great looking watch



* Love how the dial depth seems shallow, with the dial dimensions, configuration and colors, you get great legibility.

* The large 44mm Ti case is light but not too lightyou definitely know its there and of course very nicely finished .

* Rubberized crown has a great feel to it and easy to grip, compressor keys looks to be perfectly designed specifically to the overall design of the watchlooks like it just belongs there .

* Great bezel ! The gray matte ceramic bezel does it for me, its awesome



* Im surprised how loud the alarm isso Cool ! No doubt will be put to good use.

* I really dig this OEM leather strap (is it leather ?? I dont know) It fits the looks and vibe of the watch perfectly, I look forward trying on the great looking nato strap it came with.

* I will be Test driving the caliber 956 movement for accuracy for next week but Im already glad JLC improved this Memovox movement with a quick set date.

* The wiring on the alarm disk controversy is none issue for me, I prefer it to the writing etched on the crystal , I think the shadow cast by the etched writing would bother me.


This watch fits in nicely with my current taste and preference for military, sport, diving and large case watches.I think it was made just for me








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Love the NSA. I have seen the strap in your picture (which I really like), but have not seen the rubber link bracelet in person. I think those are the 2 options I would go with.


Congrats on picking up one of my all time favorites!!


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That is an impressive watch and those are some great shots in particular the lume shot. The strap looks perfect with it as well! I really need to give that alarm a listen next time I'm at an AD. Wear and enjoy...


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