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JLC Reverso

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So I was in class as our teacher was talking of the AP Exam comin up.. She brought up not being able to bring water bottles w/ labels b/c people could put answers(and it has happened).. later, she brings up watches, and to bring a watch...


So I thought to myself, what if someone had a watch that they could hide answers in.. I mean, if the college board is stingy enough to prohibit water bottle labels, why not ban watches because someone could hid things in their watch.


So since she said no digital watches, then i thought, what about a JLC Squadra Hometime, MUAHAHAHAHAA.. Two dials of answers!! and to increase the capacity of answers, a squadra!! I mean, it's not like a teacher would know a JLC reverso on site, unless he/she was into watches.


I would be extremely suprised if the teacher was "Hey! Is that a Reverso? Flip the side!"


That was just a thought i had... I wont hide answers in a sqaudra (: Have a great New Year

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