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Diffrence between old and new calender watch?

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OK, I'm not exactly the target audience for mechanical watches, so this question come with a (very short) story: I had an Orient watch that was passed to my by my grandfather. It got stolen. Although I don't need a watch, I miss having it on me and liked having it to remind me of my grandfather.

So I've decided to buy a replacement.

It was a large calender watch, and I'm thinking of buying the latest in the same line.

The original watch: http://i.ebayimg.com/t/Vintage-Big-O...3ow~~60_35.JPG

The latest model (CEU07008DX): http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s...psc3a70f4f.jpg

I'd rather get the new model mainly so it'll be similar but not the same.

Thing is, from checking around, the older model usually costs more. Is this because it's considered antique or rare, or is it because the older model is better in some way?

This will probably be the only watch I'll buy, so even though it's not the most expensive watch, I wanted t make sure I'm getting the best model.


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If you really want to buy new, from the looks of it, it functions the same. The date and weekdays are flipped, and you get the warranty and all that new out of box, which is good, otherwise entirely up to your to decide..

Sometimes I think the older models are sought by people exactly like in your scenario, so they tend to pay higher prices. I have a friend who went spent quite a lot of money (for me at least) to buy a 1970s Seiko, because it is exactly the one his dad wore.


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