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Just got a quote from Higuchi

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Hello this is my first post. I would like to purchase a Seiko "Sumo" this would be my first automatic watch and most expensive.

Higuchi quoted the same price I can buy the watch for on Amazon with a two year warranty provided by Assurion. Any one have any thoughts on going one way or the other? Does Higuchi provide a warranty?

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You don't mention where you're based, or if you'd need to add Customs Duties and VAT to either price. At same landed cost (adding Customs and VAT), I'd buy 300% from Amazon, as their customer service cannot be matched by Higuchi, especially if you're buying locally from Amazon. You'll get exactly the same watch, no worries about that.


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Since the OP mentione buying from Amazon US, which is not possible from other countries, he would pay no VAT and very unlikely any import duties buying directly from Japan.

The OP did not mention which Sumo model he's interested, but if it's a regular SBDC003 at this time the lowest price is on Amazon for $359, free shipping from Japan.

Yen is at 8 years low and it's a great time to buy.


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I think you've read his note too quickly, nowhere he says he buys from Amazon USA, nowhere he says he's USA based, and in any case, Japanese goods are subject to customs duties in the USA....

By the way I've never been based in the USA, or ever had a US credit card, and I've been an Amazon USA customer for years......

Yes the yen is low but that reflects on prices in Japan and everywhere else too......


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No I did not read too quick. If you are an Amazon US customer you should know very well that not all items ship outside USA:

Sorry, this item can't be shipped to your selected address.

Learn more

. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order.

That is exactly the case for SBDC watches imported from Japan and sold on Amazon US: only ship to USA.

Also, the OP is certainly not buying from (e.g) Amazon UK , because the cheapest SBDC for sale there is £334.00, which at current exchange comes to USD 471 - certainly not a competitive price.

Anyway, we can wait for the OP to confirm where he's shopping from.

Regarding custom duties, these are so low that in most case US custom don't charge them. You can search all this forum and it will be very difficult to find a single case where they did.

Not sure what do you mean by that. A weak Yen does not influence prices in Japan, because these watches are completely produced in Japan without any imported component or technology.


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New Seiko watches come with an International warranty, no matter where they're bought, usually valid for 1 year, but that also can vary. And virtually all sellers on Amazon/Rakuten/etc will have the warranty stamped by a Seiko AD.

Also, some credit cards offer free extended warranty (with limitations) for all items bought.

Then, local country laws or seller promotions can extended the warranty. In any case honoring the warranty is left to the Seiko importer of the local country, and I would not be surprised if in some case they would refuse to that on whatever basis they can find.

Warranty coverage is an important part of the continuous market battle between AD dealers in country and grey importer or overseas sellers. There is no final verdict, some people like the peace of mind of being "fully covered:, others like the money saved better.


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