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Help me choose! I NEED a Speedmaster-ish wristwatch!

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I can't afford a real Omega Speedy, so I have to settle for a quality economical clone.


SSB031PC - about $125 on Amazon.


Casio Edifice EF-500D -- about $66 from Amazon.

Of course I'm leaning towards the Seiko, but just wondered if anyone has any strong opinions one way or another. They are very very similar, and I have read a couple of people say that they like the bracelet on the Casio better. Not that the bracelet makes that much of a difference since that can always be replaced if need be anyway.

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Check out the Speedy-like lugs on these

EF-503, there are at least 7 versions......here are some of them:






There is also a black/gold version and an Antique White version

7th version:


White with blue hands



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hmm i'm in the same boat as you OP. would like a speedy seiko or citizen.

neither of the two in the first post really scream Speedmaster to me.

citizen made a great one but its super rare




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I recently picked up an SNDC99P1. It's a fantastic little watch for the price. I didn't buy it as a Speedy homeage, but it is Speedy-ish. I really like the black/white color scheme with just a little bit of color on the tip of the chronograph seconds hand.



- It has integrated lugs - so no junky end links.

- The bracelet has solid links.

- The clasp is almost identical to the SARB/SARG clasps, except the scissors are stamped like the 007/Monster/Sumo and not machined.

- It's a perfect size at 40mm x 10mm - it's thin and lightweight.

- The lume is what you expect on Seiko divers.


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