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Let's See Your Vintage Seikos

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Apologies if there is a thread for this already, but I did a search and couldn't find one. Also, I wonder if this post belongs more in the vintage forum. But anyway...

I am starting to get interested in vintage Seikos. I know there are a lot of vintage Seiko diver fans and posts out there, but I am also interested in all the other great vintage Seikos out there. The stuff from the 70s has a really funky and fun look to me, for example.

So I was hoping people had some pics to share on this forum!

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Hey your in the right place & a post like this is always welcomed.


Vintage seiko's are at the top of golden age for Seiko, they in my opinion are the best quality and innovation to come out of Japan to date, with exceptions to the Prospex and GS lines of today with some standard & mid grade watches that held true to that age old classic engineering.


Here's a few of mine, some I have and a few have moved on to other homes, but they all are fine quality and wonderful watches.




























Well, that's not half of the vintage Seiko watches I've had, but should give you a well rounded idea of some of the Divers from the vintage days of Seiko. I've never owned a vintage seiko 6105 diver, but there well worth looking into as well.


Seiko Dive watches have always given me good conduct!



Cheers & Semper Fi,




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Pint of Brew, what is the model number of that one?

To all the rest of you - amazing examples!!

I do not have anything that has not been displayed already but maybe a different angle would be in its place...

Attachment 408814

Attachment 408815

Attachment 408816


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