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My new Yobokies mod "Subtle Sea Urchin" SNZF17

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Hey everyone. I've been lurking around here for a while, and was always into watches from an aesthetics perspective, but have only recently become more educated about the finer details of mechanical movements, etc.

Peoples' love for Seiko as quality engineering for a great price seemed like a good place to dip my toes. I wanted an SKX031, but they haven't been manufactured for a while. I looked at the SXK007, but can't quite get past the bezel, which I don't personally love. I found the SNZF17, which scratched most of my itches (including my new-to-mechanical-watches need for a display back) and ordered one. I very much liked it.

Over time reading WUS, I learned a bit about modding, and about Harold's work, and decided to order a customized SNZF17, with a few very subtle differences that "finish" the watch for me. I got a sapphire crystal, new bezel insert with lume pip, and a very close approximation of the SKX031 arrow/syringe hands, which I really like. And that's it. Some people don't like the dial, especially with the Seiko 5 shield, but I actually like it.

In any case, I'm quite happy with the results and Howard's work (with all the praise on WUS, I expected no differently) and I'll be quite happy wearing this daily diver until I can afford my grail.

Onto some pics. Stock SNZF17 on the left, modded on the right. (Both J1.)







On a Bond nato:




And half the reason I went with this model...


I have a leather nato on order with Bas and Lokes as well (the Asa: "Asa" Rustic Brown Handmade Leather One Piece NATO Watch Straps ) and very much looking forward to getting it.

Thanks for looking!

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