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Problem with Seiko SKA371 bracelet link pin - lost that pesky collar!

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Re my Seiko Divers SKA371. I have lost the very small collar or sleeve that goes around the pin in the bracelet links to lock it in. I imagine these are easily lost when a link is removed so I though it would be easily replaced. I have tried to source a replacement but the AD will only supply a complete link or a full bracelet. Does anyone know if I can go somewhere to get just the collar? Otherwise is there anyone who has a small wrist who has a link with a complete pin for sale? I am also willing to buy a complete bracelet if anyone has one to get rid of? Thanks everyone.

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I just got one of these 4 days ago. While sizing i didnt know there were collars luckily i was able to find them on my table i was working on and i figured out what they were for i had no idea at first. Fist time ive ever seen this design normally i dont even buy watches with pinned links or if i do i get a strapcode for it. But the SKA371 factory bracelet was fine enough for me this time. I have seen the collars on ebay for ridiculous prices.


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