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I think you'll find several threads and posts here that will affirm that the SARB065 is a great acquisition, regardless of price.

It is on my must-have list. The only other watch that would make me delay (not decline, though) a purchase of the SARB065 Cocktail Time is the Orient Star Classic EL5003W:


Only issue I've identified with the SARB065 is apparently a manufacturing defect where there is a small dent above the date window. That has been reported by some purchasers on the Massdrop website. I'm not going to go that route for purchase since their return policy is non-existent.

Don't think you can go wrong the SARB065. Just purchase from a reputable source that has a return policy in the slightest chance you get a model with some kind of issue.


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I think it's definitely worth the price, and for me at least the 6R15 has been a reliable, accurate movement too. The dial is a work of art, it can change from sky blue to a silvery white, and the relatively short lugs mean it wears great. I think it dresses down nicely with certain leather straps or on perlon.

Here's mine on a grey Colareb strap.



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