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hairline scratch on new watch, how to deal with obsessive perfectionism

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I bought a SARB071 some months ago, had it sent from Japan. Beautiful watch, very happy. After a day I suddenly notice a tiny hairline scratch, on the top of the bezel.

The problem is that many parts of this watch are highly polished stainless steel, with a real mirror finish. Very pretty, but attracts scratches merely by LOOKING at it I think.

I was upset to find a scratch on a brand new watch (which cost me a bit over 400 euro, import taxes included). Also there was a tiny imperfection at one of the hour indicators, but that was very minor.

I obsessed about it, kept looking at it, and ended up not wearing the watch at all, and eventually I sold it.

So I tried again, ordering the same watch from one of the known importers, and it arrived, it seemed all good. Except, of course, a few hours later, I make the mistake of really inspecting the watch, and what do I see? A small v-shaped scratch, on the side of the case, in between the lugs. It is very superficial, but visible, maybe from a springbar tool.

I am quite disappointed now, I'm wearing the watch but I can't seem to ignore the tiny scratch.

So... any advice? Trade it for a second time? Try to polish the scratch away? We are talking about highly mirror-like polished steel, I'm afraid that trying to keep it scratch free is simply impossible.

I'm trying to accept the whole "wabi sabi" and patina attitude, but it's difficult. I'm not exceptionally anal about other things in life, I'm actually rather messy and always late etc, it's just that when it concerns my watches even the slightest imperfection bothers me.

But in the end, I guess even if you buy a 4000 euro Grand Seiko, or a 6000 euro Rolex, or a 9000 euro JLC, there are chances that they won't be "perfect" either?

In the future I should resist the urge to closely inspect a watch (think harsh light + loupe), it only makes you discover unpleasant things.

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just Enjoy the watch, that's what its there for. I think if you look at any new watch with a highly polished finish, such as Audemars P, Rolex, etc etc, you are going to fine an odd hairline there as well. Dont try to polish it away, because after a few days wearing you will only have the same. Its a wrist watch which in an everyday environment little dings, hairlines etc will happen. I once had a Rolex Daytona wore it under a long sleeve shirt and yes hairlines happened. BTW hide your loupe.


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That's why my Binnacle Anchor is gone, those tiny hairlines drove me nuts. I've since gotten over it though and now really wish I hadn't sold that particular watch. Dont get me wrong, I think the wabi sabi stuff is crap when your watch looks like it's been through a meat grinder, but after making that mistake I've realized that a few minor nicks and scratches don't ruin a watch.


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Funny story actually, I drive a leased company car (that I didn't buy myself) which is perfect for me, because I couldn't imagine how stressed out I would be driving around (and parking!) something that costs an arm and a leg :)

Thanks for the advice guys and girls.

I won't be polishing, because I've done some research and it seems like it causes more problems than it solves.

I'll just do my best to accept the wabi sabi philosophy. Every watch will end up scratched sooner or later. Unless you leave in the safe as someone remarked, but even then it already got some tiny micro hairline scratches straight out of the box.


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