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Citizen AT0365-56L/E Fake VS Real(guide to spot fake Citizen watches)

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AT0365-56L/E(AT0360-50L/E) has been in hot sale in recent years. But popular means profitable, so there are many fakes. The fakes of this watch looks authentic, it generally can not be identified. So, today, to avoid purchasing a fake Citizen watch, i want to say sth about how to distinguish the real and fake AT0365-56L/E.


T=True, Real



The appearance:


1. The front side comparison(the left is fake and the right is real)




2. If we put the two watches together, we can find some differences: the dial color of the fake looks dim, especially the red part, the 12 marker and silver "CITIZEN" mark are roughly made.




3. The engravings on the case back are different: the engravings on the fake are very rough, the real watch is laser finely engraved. The serial number on fakes is generally the same, some people can distinguish the fake watch by the serial number. Its not totally correct but its doable. Because the "serial No.+ manufacturing No." is paired to one and only one wacth, so the correct way to distinguish if your watch is real or not is to verify it with the serial No. and manufacturing No. If you don't know how to verify it please call the Citizen customer service hotline. So please unstand why i blacked the manufacturing No. on the real watch pic.




Conclusion: there are many obvious differences on the appearance, but if you don't have a real one to be compared with, especially when you purchase it on the Internet, it will indeed deceive many customers.


The inside:


1, The outer frame of the two movements are obviously different, the shape and the color of the outer frame on fake are different from that of real, and the craft is also very rough.




Here is another type of the fake AT0365-56L/E, yes, there are different versions, this one is added a brown slice to cover the battery.




2. In fact, the fake watch uses common quartz movement sold by the affiliated enterprises of Citizen group, to imitate the Eco-Drive movement. So the fake watch doesn't have the characteristics of Eco-Drive watch.


Let's look at the some tiny points with microspur pics.


Its clearly that the color of the top metal cover plate is different from that of the bottom one. And notice the movement serial number on the left, H500M.




Then take off the top metal cover plate, here is the true movement serial number: FS00.




3, This fake AT0365-56L is equipped with the ordinary quartz movement FS00, the battery is the one-time SR626SW silver oxide battery and the life-time is about 2 years(i posted on the left). The real watch is using the echo-drive H500M movement, the serial No. is MT621 and the life-time is about 15-20 years(i posted on the right).






As we know that the principle of the Echo-Drive watch is absorbing any visible light and converting it into kinetic energy to drive the watch. These watches are not using the normal one-time button battery and the Echo-Drive watch's battery life is generally about 15-20 years. Although the functions of the FS00 quartz movement is very similar to that of the H500M Echo-Drive movement, the performances are obviously different. The former needs to be replaced after 2 years of usage, while the later can be used for 15-20 years.


Its not easy to identify the fakes, but after 2 years, the battery of the fake run out and when you send the watch to the repair shop and open the case back, you will find you bought a fake one at last.


The most direct way to identify is to open the case back, but a little complicated. And there are some other factors that can lead to consumers to buy a fake but didn't notice that:


1. Many consumers feel troubled to send their watch to the repair center to identify or just believed seller's statement of "supprort the counters inspection", but actually they are just bluffing.


2, Some consumers take the watch to the boutique , but the case back can not be opened on the counter, and the promotions specialist are not the technicist so they actually can not tell you if the watch is real or fake.


3. If you repair your watch in some street repair shops that are very wicked, they will change your wacth battery with normal button battery and charge you the same price didn't tell you.


Maybe some guys would say that I bought the movement abroad, and the seller promised me 1 year warranty. So I want to say that there are many cleverer cheaters, they usually post some purchasing posts on some websites and mentioned the information of the online store which he bought from, then some people will ask the cheater about the adress of the online shop then you believe that and bought a fake movement. About the 1 year warranty, its very easy to figure it out. Eventhough its the FS00 quartz movement, its no problem to run the wacth for one year under normal circumstances, and the fake quartz watch movement can serve for about 2 years, but you are out of the warranty at that time. And if your movement is for running less than one year, they can chang you another fake movement and didn't tell you like what i mentioned in c). You'll think what you 're wearing is always the echo-drive watch, but its totally not actually.


Here are some tips when you purchasing Citizen watches:


1. Two common sense


First, watches are valuable merchandise, so buy them in proper ways(from Citizen authorized shops).


And second, no matter where your watch was bought from, all the qualified goods would be equiped with the item barcode, posted on the tird page of the warranty, which is same with the information that engraved on the inside of the caseback. Its kinda like the identity card of the watch, you can check it on the official website or call the customer service. If it doesn't agree, don't pay for it.


2. Distinguish it according to the different function performances between FS00 and H500M. This tip is suitable for quick test of AT0365-56L/E(AT0360-50L/E) without opeaning the caseback


Both of the FS00 quartz movement and the H500M movement has chronograph function, but they are different.


1, FS00 movement won't auto stop when its timing, while H500M movement would auto stopped after has been timing for one hour.


2, Pull out the crown to the second position and press the button on the 2 o'clock position, if it is the FS00 movement, the second hand can be adjusted second by second; if its the H500M movement, there will be no response. Because The H500M movement nedded to be in the state of the crown in the second position and press the button on the 2 o'clock position for 4seconds and then the second hand can be adjusted second by second.

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Sharing photo eco-drive.jpeg?u=41zuoe




In 1976, we invented the world's first light-powered analog quartz watch that runs using only light as a power source. This technology, now known as "ECO-DRIVE," can generate power from any light source -- artificial, natural, and even dim light -- to keep watches running without ever replacing batteries.

CITIZEN’s proprietary light-powered technology, was called “Eco-Drive“. A name that, not only represent our exceptional technological achievements, but one that reflect our concern for the natural environment. Most importantly, the name and the logo mark shows our continued dedication to be a brand for people all over the world.

                 Reprint from :https://us.citizenwatch.com/us/en/eco-drive.html




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