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Help needed with Seiko Bellmatic and Citizen Monaco

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Hi all,

Just received a Seiko Bellmatic , everything works ok.....apart from the alarm


when I set the alarm to check it, nothing happened, so I rotated the bezel to see if I got the 'click'...it was 4 hours off, but does sound ok

Does anyone know if this is a simple fix?

Also, received a Citizen 67-9071 and it's running over 1 hour slow, probably needs a service,

Does anyone know who can service these for a reasonable price? it doesn't need anything cosmetic done, looks fine, but I would like to get it serviced (preferably in the UK, I would prefer not to post it halfway round the world but it could be a possibility for the right person/price)

The only person I have used for servicing only touches Swiss and is not prepared to do these and can't recommend anyone,

Both watches were very cheap from ebay (as in, roughly half of what you would generally expect to pay) I bought the Bellmatic to flip for profit as I already have Stainless/silver dial with the same case and I don't wear gold watches, so don't want to throw good money after bad but there is enough money in it to make servicing the Monaco worthwhile rather than sending back for a refund,

Any help gratefully received!!



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Those are very nice, I especially like that Citizen, not seen one of those before. You could try contacting Duncan, thewatchbloke.co.uk. I think he maybe a member on here. He has done a few repairs for me, I've also bought a couple Seikos he has restored. He has got a very good reputation and he is in the UK.


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Sounds like the bellmatic is toast. The sound you're hearing is the release but the alarm spring probably isn't getting wound. Can't imagine anyone still works on these.

212 sounds on the high side. But not outrageously so. It's higher for jap watches because no one services them. So it's cheaper for swiss because the movements are common. There are maybe 3 people in north america that the forum knows about.


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Thanks for the input guys,

I suppose it makes sense that Swiss chrono servicing is cheaper as there is probably more call for it, still not sure whether to follow this through further or just return for refund, it would be a shame to return it as it was only about £80 and looks pretty minty, plus it's really grown on me in the 24 hrs I've had it, I'm waiting to hear in the next few days whether I will have some overtime this month, if I do then I will go for it and get it serviced, but I'm wondering if £300 all in is a bit steep or not for a minty looking Monaco that's been freshly serviced?

I have spent about 10 hours watching Mark's YouTube videos, so if he is charging a reasonable price he will probably get the job, payback for all the vids I've been treated to!

The Bellmatic alarm is sounding ok, it's just 4 hours out, i.e. if I set the bezel for 2pm it won't go off till 6pm, after having a good look at it I have noticed that the date change happens at 8pm, so it looks like everything is 4 hours out???

This is a new one on me and I thought that perhaps some idiot has had a go at it and just put it back together incorrectly, it runs fine and keeps very good time apart from that,

Any idea's on that??



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My bad i must have skimmed your original post.

That sounds like an easy fix to me. That is if you are used to changing hands etc.

Basically you just have to pull off the hands and then remove some screwed in side tabs and readjust the hands position and bezel.

Hard enough to get hands to align so imagine needing to make hands and the bezel align properly. I can get it to +/- 2min or so. But it is a huge pain.


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