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Seiko SBPY085: Solar Chrono

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Hello fellow watch lovers! I am now a full fledged JDM watch fanatic. Looking on Seiko Japan's website, I came across the Spirit line of watches and decided, I needed to have a Seiko Chronograph in my arsenal. I found a beautiful panda color scheme and decided that was the one. The order was facilitated through Seiya-san who was very helpful in obtaining the watch for me and having it at my doorstep in 3 days.

Here some pictures and impressions I'd like to share about it:

Model: Seiko SBPY085

Crystal: Sapphire

Movement: V175 Solar Quartz

Water Resistant: 10bar

Made in: Japan

First off I love any kind of watch. Thick, thin, solar, auto, whatever it may be. If it sits on my wrist, its cool. That said, I love the way this watch is built, but they didn't think out some details for the person trying to read the time. For instance: The color scheme is terrific, but the hands are just painted black. Now this would be fine if the watch had a fully white dial but this is not the case and you end up losing the hands "through" the chronograph when you look at it. The pictures will do a better job of explaining this.

Overall, the watch weighs about the same as my alpinist and hasn't lost any seconds over the course of the few weeks I have owned it. It sits well on the wrist and comfortably slips under a cuff. One thing I didn't actually notice when I was looking up information about this watch, was the fact that the seconds hand was green tipped. It doesn't show on any picture but it's quite prominent when you look at the watch head on.

My recommendation: if you are seeking a panda themed chrono, you cannot go wrong with this one. For what you pay for it, you get a sapphire crystal and a Japanese domestic model watch. I will most likely be looking into purchasing a vintage panda automatic chrono, but wanted to see how this would hold up.






Thanks for looking!


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good lord that is nice and simple and retro and sweet. never seen this model before, surprisingly not too expensive even! add another watch to my list. have you tried it on a leather strap yet if you have any of the right size laying around?

dibs on the flip if you decide to sell it if/when you get a vintage panda!

39mm case size, what is the lug width?

Been wanting a Seiko solar for a bit now, guess it will be between this and the black with yellow highlights solar chrono diver.


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