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Grand Seiko Quartz owners--how much hassle getting battery changed?

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Not an owner (yet) but I have been seriously looking at buying a quartz GS in the near future. I would probably do it myself but I am assuming any competent watchmaker could swap it for you very quickly. Some even have test rigs for 100 m rating. I would avoid the kiosk in the mall but there are almost certainly options in your area. Unless of course you are asking about sending it back to Japan. My plan is to not send it back until I get the movement serviced (10-20 years I guess?).


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Not a GS owner yet (but certainly will be), but I've changed batteries on my quartz watches for nearly two decades, I could say that there is nothing magic about it, purely skill and habit. I've seen a couple of articles about the Grand Seiko and it seems that changing battery for a GS could be easier than for my cheap Casio watches with a lot of tiny screws and a bulk of battery retainer clips (there is no battery retainer on the GS, you just pop the old battery out and put the new battery into its space).

As the GS requires battery change quite often, you should learn to do it yourself, friction ball, watch case holder, that's what you need.


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Future GS quartz diver owner here, it's not a big issue. Just take the caseback off, pop out the old battery, insert new one, and screw the caseback on. You don't have to worry about the movement itself being exposed to humidity/dust/etc since it's sealed, but do take care not to pinch the gasket when screw the caseback on. Simple procedure, and this ease of DIY is why I avoid anything with a monocoque case or special batteries that require sending it out.

For reference, the 9F movements use SR920SW batteries which you can replace with 371 equivalents. Easy to source and ubiquitous, you don't have to worry about the batteries becoming rare in the future since so many watches use them.


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Expecting a GS sbgt035 any day now.

Have lined up several reliable watch experts around my area. So no problem having the battery replaced. I would much rather have an expert handle the battery change. I read somewhere in one of the forums that you have to demagnetize your instruments before even opening the case.


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