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SEIKO SKX013 VS. SNK809 anyone have both?

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I'm trying to decide between these two watches. They seem to share the same movement, but the 013 costs 3x as much as the 809. Can anyone who owns both watches recommend the better choice? I'm a med student so I'd like a watch I can wear in a clinic that can do double duty in scrubs and a button up shirt and tie. I was worried about the skx013 kind of being too high, but some sources indicate that they are actually the same hight. Does the skx013 go well in formal attire? Better yet, could anyone who has both post wrist shots of these watches on the same wrist? Finally I know the snk809 is made in malaysia, but there's no "made in japan" on the skx013. Anyone know if there will be differences in quality of the internals here?


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I just wanted to follow up on this post with an update and first impressions of my new watch. I decided to give the snk809 a shot and I just put it on my wrist. I've got to say, this watch is fantastic! It has this elegance without being pretensious, without trying too hard. It's so versitile, I feel like I could wear this with a suit and tie or shorts and flip flops. Everything about it seems high quality. I immediately put on a nato strap and could not be more pleased with the result:


I'll write more in a proper review later, but my first impressions tell me I made the right choice.


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Looks great, although I'm not a fan of NATO straps. I want to purchase my first "real" watch after 10 years of not wearing one, and the SNK809 is one of my top choices. It does indeed look versatile to me too, but I'm not an expert! Do you really feel that you could wear it with a suit, perhaps with a leather strap?


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Definitely, I personally think this watch looks incredible with the leather straps used by another WUS member here:


The reason it's so versatile is the dial. The juxtaposition between the hands and black face is really nice. I would wear this watch anywhere.

Edit: by the way, the watch looks good in photos, but it's even better in person. I looked quite extensively at reviews of this watch and the one negative I heard people talk about was that the seiko "5" was really bright in relation to the other numbers. Simply not the case. It looks awesome.


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Maybe a bit late, but yes!


Yesterday I finally received my SKX013 with sapphire mod.

I have had the SNK809 for more than a year now, and have worn it on all different occasions, from sports and work to funerals. It is pretty small and needs a bit of a better strap to make it look a bit more bald. Also, the crown is VERY small, almost like a child's watch.

The SKX013 radiates even more quality, since it is a bit higher and a bit more flashy. I wouldn't wear this watch on formal occasions. I have one picture of the two together, may post more photos for proper comparison if still needed.

Note: The SNK809 has a custom strap, the SKX013 has a custom sapphire, rest is standard.




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