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SKA369 questions

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I've been looking for a Seiko diver, date only, and really like the SKA369. It would not be a daily wear, it would be in a rotation. Some days it might be worn for part of the day (teaching dive class), other times it might not get worn for a couple weeks. Would I need a winder for it in this type of wear?

On a side topic, how does it compare to the 009? The 009 seems a lot more popular, and a bit less expensive. I have been considering it, although it is not exactly what I want (day/date). With the saved money I might get it modded, where I probably wouldn't with the 369.

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I owned an SKA369 and really liked it. Tough to argue with the grab-and-go ease of a quartz movement. The SKA is a much beefier watch than the SKX, and has a smaller dial. So, as far as legibility, I think the SKX wins - larger, cleaner dial. I once read the SKA series described as a watch with a smallish dial made to look big by giving it a chunkier case, and that case is definitely chunky. Was never wild about the SKA hands, so I swapped mine out for a set of Sawtooth hands - definitely helped the legibility. You can also have the stock skeleton hands completely filled in with lume, which helps too.

The other thing to consider is the lug-width on the SKA. It's narrower at 20mm, so that means you're putting a chunkier watch on a narrower strap (if you ever want to change up from the bracelet). The stock rubber strap has shoulders to make it appear wider, but worth googling some images of the watch on aftermarket straps to see if the looks suits you.

As far as charging the Kinetic - a traditional winder never did much for mine. You can buy Seiko Kinetic chargers or make your own (try googling Seiko Kinetic Toothbrush Charger), but the best way is to just wear it. If you want the simplicity of quartz, have you considered looking at an Eco Drive diver?


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With the type of wear you plan to give it I would go for the 369 but forget about a winder for it. There is one company who make a winder for Kinetics. Unless you buy a Seiko Kinetic charger beware of other You Tube methods of charging using a toothbush charger as the method relies on finding the sweet spot on both the charger and the watch, can get the watch hot and takes hours when it does work.


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