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Please help me on info about my Seiko 5.. (sorry for the large photos!)

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Hello guys..

I bought this Seiko 5 a year ago.. But unfortunately I can't find it online.. The watch is extremely accurate, reliable, and greatly designed.. In short, I became a big fan of Seiko


However, can you guys help me identify what model it is exactly? I was worried it could be a replica/counterfeit because I wasn't able to find it online.. I'm also trying to find a strap online for it (probably dark brown, I think it will suit it for the winter) but I don't know the size to look for (mm).. Also how much water resistant is it? Able to withstand rain?

Is it safe to say that I won't need to worry about servicing it for a long long time?

Sorry for all the questions guys, just trying to love my Seiko even more, I'm sure you can all relate


Here are the pics:





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Your watch is an SNXA09, as listed here: SEIKO 5 Finder - SNXA09 Automatic Watch

7s26 movement is an old faithful favourite here, you can expect it to keep working with minimum fuss for a good long time, and even if it does eventually fail replacement movements are so cheap that it isn't worth servicing it, just drop in a new movement. The entire watch can be had for $60 so it' easy to replace.


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It appears to be a quite nice looking SNXA09, a standard Seiko 5, the number on the dial 7S26 tells you what the movement is and the number 2314 is the part number for the dial (I think that's right). The numbers on the back, again 7S26 for the movement and 0430 is the case part number. There is also the serial number 3D1163 which says it was made in December 2003. The Seiko website says it has an 18mm lug width for bands.


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