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New MM300 (SBDX017) now available to buy

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seiko specialty store 3s | Rakuten Global Market: Seiko ProspEx watch SBDX017

Looks like the price is ~+$300 from the outgoing sbdx001 and ships on 8/8.

Also new boxing (all black and pillow case)

Case under the description says titanium. Wondering if this is an error? I think it is because weight is 214g.

If not, may well be worth the extra paper.

Should be interesting to see who gets one first and thoughts on the new piece.

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Congrats! It looks pretty much the same. I'm glad Seiko decided to not add a lolipop second hand or switch out the hands for Sumo/Tuna hands -- oh, wait they already did a few years back, haha. Thankfully that was a one-off piece, and it should stay that way.

I read somewhere that the Diashield treatment would give the watch case a slightly darker look. To me I don't notice a difference. I do notice that it looks awesome on your wrist. If I ever pick up another MM300, it'll be the 017 for sure.


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If anyone is planning on "up-grading" to the new model I hope they do a side by side before they flip the 001.

Be great to see them side by side under same lighting conditions to see any variation in SS due to Diashield and Green tinge due to new lume.

From what I can tell seems negligible.


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