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beginner needs help!

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good morning!

I just joined this forum. it seems as though you guys know a lot about high end watches! I have collected watches for many years. I am interested in the quality, not the name of the maker per se.

I have my late fathers gold and steel rolex datejust, and a submariner no date in steel. I wear the sub at work, running, swimming, weight lifting, etc. I love it. got it used mint condition$4900. very sturdy and nice.

do you guys think a Lange really is of a quality to demand such a high price????? my friend passed away and I took a look at his Lange pocket watch! very very nice!!!

dumb questions

1.would an omega seamaster stand up to this vigorous life?

2. I am interested in a Lange, but the cost seems very high! I hear there are Glasshute watches. are they less costly?still good?

3. could I buy a used Lange from a reputable person?

4. would a Lange hold its value? Rolex and Patek seem to

would love ANY advice!

thanks! bob

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Hey bob welcome to the forum!

Let me go over quickly your questions.

#1 Omega sea master is a fine all rounder - broad meeting, gym workouts, outdoor activities inc swimming. But it is no way on par with Lange and technically Lange does not offer divers to compete - not that they have to.

#2 Glasshute Orinigal (GO) builds grt watches @ 2/3 Lang price (cannot say 2/3 quality) and their entry level models come with steel option. At GO price point, they are peerless movement finish regard. One to mention, they tend to make modern bigger watches - north of 40mm is normal to GO.

#3 Free to buy a used any brand. I cannot comment cuz I never bought pre loved.

#4 Few Langes hold value well - limited pieces and Datograph. Others drop significantly likes all the none PP/Rolex fine watches.


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Bob, welcome to the world of watches. As stated, there are many fabulous brands in Glashutte Germany at varying prices and offerings, Lange is the pinnacle of the German market. The quality is unparalleled to any other maker in the area. Any true watch aficionado would recognize a Lange immediately. If it is in your price range a Lange is in the realm of the trinity of Swiss makers. I would recommend buying a certified used watch that has been inspected by the factory. With such a large price even used you want to make sure what you are getting is correct. Good luck in your choice.





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I have a number of high end watches, and have bought and sold to build the collection I have today. I believe watches are like real estate, where location, location, location is the rule. With watches it is quality, quality, quality which determines resale value for the most part. A Patek or Rolex can appreciate, but if you buy a Lange or JLC right, you will not lose money over time. The most important thing is to buy quality you love at an attractive price. I recently bought a FP Journe from an afficianado who wanted to sell for various reasons. The watch had 32 months left on a 36 month warranty, and was truly LNIB (like new in box). The watch I bought is currently in a lag in production and is exceedingly rare.

I traded three watches for my Lange, all of which appreciated in value. My Lange was new, and a gift to a CEO which he did not want. My aquisition cost of the watches traded were about 55% of the value of the Lange. The used value of the Lange, still under warranty is almost $10,000 more than my cost of the watches traded.

I almost bought a GO Panagraph pre-owned, a watch I really loved. What stopped me was the overhaul costs for the GO by the Swatch Group in the US. Before purchasing any pre-owned watch not on verified manufacturers warranty I would research the costs of ownership. A pre-owned watch without a documented service record will likely need YOU to service it in the not to distant future.

Buillding a collection, and adding watches is a lifetime process. Those of us who are no hedgefunders take many years and add watches and trade up one at a time. Enjoy the hobby, and know that you are not alone!


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