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Thinking of purchasing my first ALS, which would be a Lange 1 in white gold. Two questions:

1) What do folks who have the current version of the Lange 1 think of the changes they made to the Lange 1 just released at SIHH? The new version won't be in white gold so I will probably opt for the old version...i'm also more comfortable with that tried and true movement vs. a brand new one...though it is ALS so i'm sure they will get it right and having the time jump at midnight exactly is a nice improvement.

2) Many fewer ADs carry ALS compared to other Richemont brands (IWC, JLC, etc) so I don't have the benefit of a great AD relationship on this one. On previous JLC and IWC purchases, i have been able to get 25-30% off through an AD I've done a lot of business with. What price consideration have you guys been able to get from ADs on ALS pieces? would be interested to know from those who bought from an AD they did have a relationship with and those that they didn't have a relationship with.


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Hold on to new version unless you get ridiculous discount on old L1. The instant date change functionally doesn't matter (say the same to any other complication), but it will bug you over time with the thought that the watch you have is technically inferior(strong but true word) to its successor knowing the money u paid is no different just a matter of being patient for a few more months.

Get 30% off is hardly happening to big 5 (trinity+Lange+Breguet) AD in Asia or Europe, to my experience. 25 is ur best bet.


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thanks. I had come across your review before i posted...i enjoyed reading your candid / evenhanded review...i had originally just been thinking 1815 but after reading your post, also put the L1 into the mix...

I couldn't tell from your review - did you buy before or after the price was raised to it's current price of $35,900? and without mentioning the AD, can you tell us what % discount you were able to negotiate?

ps. I'm a lefty and wear my watches on right hand so the L1's dial layout works for me!



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I m glad the review was helpful. I purchased prior to the current price. My personal opinion is that $35,900 is just too much. The layout will be perfect for you and I didn't press on discount so I am not sure. Also, I find the movement of the 'old' Lange 1 more interesting than the movement of the 'New.' Take a look at the pics of the case back views on the two versions. The new one has a larger balance wheel but otherwise there appear to be less interesting details to admire.


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