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After a great deal of thought I finally came to the conclusion that I Needed another Lange. :-d Then I had to decide which one? Langematik was a choice but the more I thought about it, I really didn't want a perpetual on Lange, I rather get one of their unique designs like the Lange 1 series or a Datograph (Datograph Perpetual, of course but that's out of my league). And even though the Datograph is a very important piece for Lange, I am not going into why just with a glance to the movement I can easily rest my case, I needed a piece that sing to me like the Grand Lange 1 for example. Actually the Grand Lange 1 Platinum was a contender, costs about the same as the Time Zone but I want it a complication and what a beautiful complication (TZ) . Timezone takes the distinctive layout of the Lange 1 and adds the useful complication of a secondary timezone with quick-set adjustment linked to a rotating inner bezel, and the best part "is Manual" (How many manuals with this kind of complication you can find out there?) .The inner bezel lists the major cities of the World, giving the watch the look of a Worldtimer, purists should note it is not a true worldtimer but instead a dual time watch with region indication.

The movement with the traditional German Silver 3/4 plate and two balance cocks, each balance cock is engraved by hand by a single technician. No two balances are the same, and each engraver has a distinctive style. Little flourishes like that is what set Lange apart. The extra complications are visible through the caseback; an additional set of gears and a bridge is engraved just like the balance cock, which is to say spectacularly. Considering the Timezone is a significant premium over the standard model, it's the least they can do.

I really love the watch, just looking at the dial, it feels almost alive, like sticking out at you, don't know how to explain it but it's as close as I can describe it.

A big plus is how the inner bezel balances out the dial, is just perfect! (well to my eyes, of course I am a just a tad bias)

Without any further introduction here it is:














Time display on the wrong side of the dial?, no Problem I have that cover






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Ha - I was thinking that too. Add the Breguet and you have all 5 of the best on one arm (IMO).

Jorge - what a gorgeous watch. A stunning buy. I really am very jealous as I think this watch is just a winner in every way possible. I do hope to follow you in this purchase one day as I am smitten with this piece.


PS - What does this watch have to do with Tosca (reference the thread title?) I get the "di belleze" bit though!


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I know , I wanted to include the AP and the Breguet, but I don't know if I can fit them all and take a good shot. I can try, though.

Thanks guys for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated.

As far as the meaning of the title of the thread, the English translation is: "Hidden harmony of different kinds of beauty" And if you think about this watch is in complete Harmony but it might not be evident at first glance and there is beauty coming from every wear Dial, complication, movement, engraving etc. You said it yourself with different wording " watch is just a winner in every way possible". And that Tosca aria it's a very catchy Aria, you hear it once and you fell in the spell.

Just adding this: for the last shot, I think is possible and probably represented in a better way if the shot is 1 watch per brand: pp 5146g, ap 15300, lange 1 TZ, Breguet Marine and VC Deep Stream.


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