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Fake ALS? Or Pocketwatch?

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Hi everyone!

Looking at this eBay action for an ALS, but just can't put my finger on where this watch comes from. Haven't ever seen that hand style, with a sub on the left, in a vintage ALS on a wristwatch. I've seen similar in a pocketwatch, but the listing doesn't say much about it.

If anyone could help identify (or flag as a fakie), it'd be appreciated. Love the look, but don't wanna get ripped off.

I'm really starting to think it's a fakie (check out the kerning on "A Lange & Sohne", Looks more like "A Lange&Sohne")

RARE Vintage A Lange Sohne | eBay


- J

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This is another one of those recased pocket watch movements. While the movement might possibly be authentic, the case, dial and hands are not.

My understanding is that such recased movements are generally not worth a lot. In any case, 54mm is waaaaay to big to wear as a wristwatch, so why bother?


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