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Too good to be true?

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This forum inspired me to take a look on eBay for A. Lange & Söhne.

Optimistically I sorted on price and one watch showed up that just

looked too good to be true. Today the listing has disappeared. So,

I feel like I can mention it. Yesterday I captured a few photos from

the listing. The second photo shows an interesting color for the blue

hands. I highlighted some areas on the movement photo. The photo

does not have good focus. In case you are reading on your phone,

the highlights are for "LIMTED", "MADE IN SWITZERLAND",

"INTERNATIONAL WATCH CO", and the balance spring termination.

Richemont Group owns both A. Lange & Söhne and IWC. While I

would have guessed it unlikely the companies would share

movements, I guess it could have happened.

Attachment 996280

Attachment 996282

Attachment 996286

Please do not tell us what you think of this particular watch.

I am a little surprised this exists, but I don't want to hear

details. Thank you.

I do have a question. The watch looks like an "1815" model,

but can you identify or show us a known good calibre that looks

similar to this one?

The watch shown was represented as "not running". The seller

did not want to invest in making repairs. He would like to

to get his money out of it and anything over that would make

him happy. Sold as is, no returns. How much could repairs

cost? In my browsing, sellers who make a "find" universally

act like they won the lottery. Though they don't know what

they have they still manage to set a high price in an attempt

to extract the maximum return.

I suppose we all hope for a good deal. Still a "deal" is not

the same as too good to be true. It appears there are a lot

of vintage Lange watches coming out of the puppy mill in the

Ukraine and eastern Europe. I think I will stay away from

all of those as well as the estate sale "finds". I am pretty

sure there are no cheap A. Lange & Söhne watches.

I can enjoy the watch photos and the stories here without

having to own the watch.



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On the dial it says it's made in Germany and on the case back it says made in switzerland, the movement doesn't look at all like the ones found on Saxonia models, plus all the details you pointed out...i'm pretty sure this pic has been photoshopped before listing, and with that LIMTED mistake someone must be fool to not spot the scam.


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Agreed. Plus, I'm pretty sure I've seen this watch sold on ebay not too long ago... and, I believe this is the watch another forum member was trying to get removed from ebay. That thread was here: Fake A. Lange & Sohne on Ebay. Help to remove.

Let's let this watch die already.



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