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The Antarctida has arrived...

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When I received my Raketa SAE16, I fell instantly in love and I decided to buy a 1 MChZ Antarctida which is, in my opinion even more rare.

I received 2 days ago, and how to say... at first, I was a bit disappointed the watch is all but spectacular. It looks like an average Sportivnie.

Then you learn to appreciate its simplicity, you feel fortunate of the good condition of watch... and you're just happy to own a piece of History.

I ordered a cognac ostrich leg strap, with green army stitching and an undercase to have also a bund variant.

The only thing at the moment is that I cannot wear the Raketa because the crystal falls off too easily, I need to find a solution.

I am also a bit disappointed with the strap and its suede finish, but that is my mistake...

Here are the picture, showing all the contrast between the baroque Raketa and the austere 1 MChZ:





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UV Glue:

Question about using UV glue on Soviet/Russian watch crystals.


Glue recommendations for acrylic glass

How do you remove glued in watch crystal without breaking it?

I was skeptical, but it works amazingly well. Kudos to Paul for the recommendation, I have used it multiple times with great success.


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