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The SOVIET MOON WATCH: A strange puzzle, a bad poem and a true story

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Yes Comrades! The Soviet Moon Watch is quite real!

It's a simple manual wind, but what is the deal?

It played no small part in two Soviet Moon missions

travelling the Moon's surface under extreme conditions

for more than 40 klicks; yet its glory was stolen

by fancier swiss pieces whose price has been swollen!

Amazingly enough it's on the Moon still

far longer than any Speedmaster ever will!

It's not on a dead cosmonaut's wrist, don't you worry

but deserves its own piece of horological glory

No Strela or Sturmanskie has ever flown that far

in any space mission of the USSR!

My poetry is bad, my vodka ran out,

But the story is true beyond a shadow of a doubt!

You can get one for less than 100 US

Come, Comrades: What is it? I'm sure you can guess!


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