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bought a luch 2209 on ebay...

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hi guys,

please could i employ your detective skills to help me solve a bit of a mystery?

i bought 2 slim luch watches (with different dial styles) on ebay, one of them a month ago and one of them a week ago.

today i received the watch that i purchased a week ago and am very happy with it. i haven't, however, received the one i ordered a month ago so i messaged the seller to ask for an update and to make sure it has been shipped but got a message back saying "thank you".

what makes me suspicious is that when tracking the watch from the ukraine to here in wales (using ukrposhta and google translate) its updates stopped and i'm wondering if it's possible the watch has been returned to sender. today i noticed that the seller has re-listed a watch which looks exactly the same and i would like to find out whether it actually is the same watch


i've attached pics from my original purchase and the relisting below.



could these be the same watch?

apologies all if i am just being paranoid!

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thanks mate, all i noticed was a different serial on the back. i think my paranoia has burnt out now so this can probably be closed. sorry guys!

edit: in my defence when i posted the pics here they were a lot bigger and detailed than i could see on ebay!


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