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help to identify this iwc portuguese 7days

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Hi All,

can anyone help me to identify whether this iwc is authentic?

Putnam Timepieces - Our supply of watches - Watches - Chrono24.com

anyone bought from this seller? he claimed that he is from betteridge jewelers and i did tried to email betteridge website and according to them that they are selling a few second hand watches through chrono24. but the weird thing is the address and contact number of this seller in chrono24 is slightly different from address and contact number of betteridge.

do you guys think that this seller is legit from betteridge? as i never bought anything from chrono24 before


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i asked the seller to send me more picture of the watch, and it seems there're a few of bad and deep scratches for MINT condition that the seller mentioned.

do you guys think that this scratches can be polished off completely? please helppp
























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The watch in those photos is real. As for condition, it looks pretty good to me. I can't really see any terrible scratches. A lot of times, when you have zoomed in photos like that, everything looks 10x worse than in person - every little scratch is being magnified and focused on.

Can't help you in terms of whether the seller is trustworthy. You'll have to make the call.


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