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Question on Spitfire 3878----strap options

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to look for an OEM strap for the 3878 (currently on bracelet) and am wondering if the deployment clasp used is specific only to this model. I checked with the IWC boutique and the price is, well, more expensive than the strap itself. I am thinking of just getting the strap on the tang buckle but am unsure if the strap is available in this option.

Part of me is thinking of just ordering a different brown or black pilot strap and just use the tang buckle.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.


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From what I see on the web, the OEM strap for your 3878 looks like a pretty standard brown gator strap. I would be surprised if IWC does not have an OEM one for tang buckles. If not, I'm sure you can find other OEM or non-OEM straps that will fit your watch and looks great.

Depending on the price difference between the deployant and the tang buckle, the benefit so prolonging the life of a strap might justify the difference. If money is a concern, I personally will go for non-OEM straps instead to save money. There are plenty of great quality non-OEM strap for pilot watches, and you can customize the size to fit your deployant or tang buckles.

Here is one for my Mark XVI:



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To use a buckle or deployant you will need the standard tang strap. A tang would not work with the deployant strap. I prefer a deployant over a tang as it saves the strap and is more secure when taking off and on. I switch my 3878 between strap and bracelet as I like to change on how I feel. Mine is a deployant length strap as this is what it came with. On my other IWCs i use standard length straps with deployants as I prefer the fit like that.


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