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IWC IW326201 world time thoughts?

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I am thinking on purchasing the IWC IW326201 world timer:

Pilot Watches Worldtimer IW326201 | IWC

Any thoughts/feedback/suggestions/complains or anything else I should be aware before pulling the trigger? It seems that this is not a very popular model - not much feedback available online. Thanks!

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The IWC is a beauty, I also like the Breitling Unitime Pilot, the dial is less obtrusive than the regular Unitime with the world on the dial. The movement is pretty neat on those as well, very easy to maneuver to different time zones. It is a bit pricey though, around 6-7 on the second hand market.


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I tried one a couple years back when they come out, like the idea of the worldtimer as I was travelling quite a bit back then, so was drawn to it for that prospective. On the wrist, left me a bit cold - dial is very busy and hard to read, movement felt fragile and kind of fiddly when adjusting. In the end I went with a simpler GMT option from a rival brand, but what I can see is that this particular model isn't a great seller since you can easily get it at 30-40% off retail price, and prob can get even bigger discount if negotiated properly...


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