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Big Pilot and Small 6.5" Wrist?

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Pardon if I can find this info elsewhere. I used to remember there being an effective Google search bar on this site, but it seems to not exist anymore.

I am considering buying either a Pilot Chrono 3777 or a Big Pilot later this year. I have some skinny ass wrists at 6.5". I think the BP will be too big for me, but it just looks so nice and bad ass that I want it. I currently only have one watch - an Omega SMP 2254.50, which I think is 41mm.

Do any guys out there own a BP and have a small wrist? My head is telling me to settle for the Pilot Chrono as it's still a big watch but will fit me better.

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yeah looking at that thread that was linked above the BP is not one of those watches that can be worn on smaller wrists, personal opinion of course but to me those pics in that thread look like a 7 year old has stolen daddy's watch. You either have the wrist size for it or not, shame though i think the watch is stunning but my 6.75" wrist wouldn't take it.


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I have a 7" flat wrist and recently tried on a BP at a couple of ADs. I think the watch actually looked ok but it still felt big. I don't think I would have been comfortable wearing the watch, and this is coming from someone with a 44mm and 45mm Panerai. The Big Pilot certainly lives up to its name. I doubt it would work on your 6.5" wrist.


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