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IWC purchase in Sydney Australia

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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and an avid fan of IWC. I've recently changed employers after 13 years and as a gift to myself in memory of My time there I'm keen to purchase my first IWC, the 3777 pilots chronograph. I'm in Sydney and wondering if there are any recommendations for good AD's here. I've called in to one AD and they quoted $8250 AUD. This was a bit more than I expected and unless I can negotiate a discount I'm now wondering if I could pick up a second hand option, but sourcing it in Australia seems very difficult!!

Any thoughts or suggestions on the best approach here would be great, especially from any IWC fans living in Oz.



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That's a great watch from IWC, a classic chronograph, I feel you, us sydney siders have to pay more for everything, not just watches, if you want a new watch with warranty then best getting it from the AD, go in there fully prepared, have a discount amount in mind, and show them the money, you have to show them you are serious if you want to be taken seriously. End of the day the sales person want to take money off you, so bargain hard.


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A dealer will only ever tell you the RRP when you ask. You have to do the discounts!

if you know how to bargain you can get amazing deals. The prices I've gotten in Sydney are better than anywhere else I've price match internationally (including the U.S. when our dollar was at $1.05ish). Watches of Switzerland is my recommendation to the point where I don't even bother price shopping anymore.


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Hi Suttoinsydney,

im also considering an IWC Portugese 7 day power reserve but I want to try one on first. Like you it's a present to myself.

I I wonder if we would get a better price buying two together from somewhere, any thoughts?

i can't tell from Internet pictures if all the bands I'm looking at are dark blue or black..... Maybe I'm looking at both.


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