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Love the look of the Portofino 391007 but struggling with its Cost/Value

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I love this watch but Im having a hard time swallowing its price know deep down its an ETA 7750 in a nice case.



I have some ETA based luxury watches like my Breitling Transocean, but that only cost me $2500.

And my 8500 Omegas which are technically assisted in-house movements cost me $3000-$3400.



I cant find this IWC Portofino anywhere for less than $4300 (grey market) and Im struggling forking over that amount of cash for an ETA 7750.

Dont get me wrong, I can tell the fit and finish is amazing but Im really having a hard time swallowing this pill.



Any words or thoughts?

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It's been discussed to death and eternity. Value is in the eye of beholder; eta or no eta, the secondary market says what it says and it is a best seller so don't expect any favours from your dealer of choice. If you like the watch, you have a few options: save more, buy used or buy from a grey market dealer, that's about it.


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I was in the same situation as you :) I was being "manipulated" by my Rolex loving friends: €6.150 (391010 black dial and milanese mesh bracelet) sounded too expensive for "regular steel", no gold elements, no ceramic and no in-house movement. But after reading how accurate and robust the 7750 is, the advantage of low service costs and most importantly..... me loving the design, feel, finishing and everything about its looks, I decided I wanted it, but definitely not for the full retail price! I got 25% discount at an AD and felt that that was an accurate representation of the what you get.

Have you seen the watch in real life and put it on your wrist? I know that there are cheaper ETA watches out there, but the finishing of the case, crown, pushers, markers, hands and dial in most cases isn't comparable. I'm still in love with mine and there is no other watch that I would want if I had to choose again with the same budget. I say, go get it :)





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sometimes i wonder if the 'in-house movement' thing is just blown way out of proportion. yes, it does add a certain cache to the brand and the watch, but it feels that now there are some 'manufactures' that buy the IP of older movements and produce parts from their own sources and end up with movements that are somewhat redundant to what ETA can produce for them. ETA makes some of the best, more reliable, and easily serviced movements around; is that reason to look down on them? granted, some in-house movements add extra functionality, or a certain feature set that stock ETA movements may not have, which is a great reason to go in-house, but to do so just for marketing purposes seems... undesirable to me.

that said, iwc prices are a bit higher than some competitors, but with their history, fit/finish, and aesthetics, they seem to be able to move product at their asking prices.

i say, if you like the brand and the looks, and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, buy it.


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I really can't see nixing a watch over a movement, unless that movement is unreliable, inaccurate, not robust enough for my intended use, or too expensive for me to have properly serviced. IWC enhanced third party movements are anything but that.

I can, however, see it if I wanted a complication a reliable third part doesn't produce or a watch with a display back.

Call me a pragmatist I guess.


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