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Rolex Vs Panerai

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It's like you read my mind. I was about to type the same thing word for word.


OP: There often comes a time when one is curious about why so many go nuts over Panerai. I was curious too and did see the appeal. In the end my wrist could not handle the Pam I had and off it went to a new owner. My next Panerai will probably be a 42mm or a Radiomir. What gives Panerai its appeal to me was that it was unique and the quick ability to switch straps. I was up to a dozen straps at one point.

Coincidentally, I sold the Pam for a SubC. :)


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Are you a frequent flipper, or looking for that 'one to keep'? Everyone says not to the swap, but I think you should go for it. If nothing else, at least to have a feel on how you'd like the Panerai long-term, or the design. Personally, I think the Panerai is way too big and a totally different style of watch compared to the Rolex


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