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Hacking your 116515? Who knows about these mysteries?

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I have the everose daytona with chocolate dial, on black alligator strap.

It gets the least wrist time due to it's limited capability - can't go in shower, in pool, on boat, to beach - and i can't tell you how much i miss the cyclops eye showing me the date on all my other watches. it's just sometime inconvenient is all i'm saying.

I can put it on a rubber b - and actually i heard everest strap is better - so that's a simple option.


Spend $5k-7k for the everose bracelet and have the option of wearing it "all gold".

Can this be done? Has anyone ever seen it done?

I put a super jubilee on a brand new blnr gmt master ii and everyone said you can't do that as well.... so i have some optimistic hopes here.

Feedback more than welcome :)

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If I'm not mistaken, the case on the strap versions of the PM Daytonas have end-links 'fused' to the case (at least mine does). Therefore, they cannot accept a PM bracelet without somehow altering one or the other and ruining the case or bracelet.

Put in on a rubber strap if you must get it wet, or get a strap like I put on mine. This is a waterproof Di-Modell strap. I paid less than $50 for it as I recall.



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