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Show your Pelagos and strap combos

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Haven't noticed a topic about the Pelagos combos, mostly comparisons with other watches so it seems interesting for the Pelagos happy owners to see how this plain guy could be combined on different straps / bracelets



I'll shot first with this and will post other photos in the next weeks.




What's great is that due to the Pelagos neutral colour it can be combined with a bunch of different straps / bracelets



Looking forward to see yours and be mutually inspired!

All the best.


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I agree, the camo natos (or zulus, I can never tell) look very good on the Pelagos. But I just know my better half would say no if I wore one on one of my watches. She didn't even like the factory nylon strap that came with my Black Bay.


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They look great and in the few times I've swapped out the watch does well at not being too top heavy. I would think this is from the Titanium so thats nice.

With that all said and done the Bracelet is King and gets 90% of the time on the watch head for me. Its a killer piece if Tech.


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