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INCOMING: BLNR on Super Jubilee, oh yeah, I did it!

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It's not true, I didn't do it but I paid someone to do it and that's all that matters.

So you should know I hate PCL's so I was looking to get a Pepsi GMT, preferably an error dial with 3186 movement, and then source a super jubilee band for it.

Turns out for about the same money I could buy a new one and I found this awesome one out of Austria.

Brand New BLNR, complete set, on super jubilee with oyster PCL wrapped in paper, $9700.

Blnr cost = $8200 super jubilee cost = $1500. You get a better deal than that or nah?

A slight anxiety attack when uninformed noobs told me on another rolex forum that customs would confiscate it - duh.

$500 tax, that's all. Either way, $10,200 with the extra band is a hell of a deal.

I have a decent collection, each one has it's own look and serves it's own purpose.

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this is 100% true with the PCL, this super jubilee has polished center links and it's hot as hell.

oyster band with PCL? unless it's PM it's not for me and i have a PM daytona on leather strap and the buckle has the PCL and it picked up crazy scratches that looked horrible.

i prefer brushed, it's sturdier.

again, the jubilee links are so small that the pcl looks hot, no doubt ;)


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